5 Best Songs for the Welder

Are you about to use your TIG welder from https://healthyhandyman.com/best-tig-welder-guide/? Play these songs while working on what you’re doing!

These songs can make any complicated TIG welding task less of a burden, especially because this type of welding can be too difficult to apply.

Let these welding songs inspire you to weld that material!

Song #1: Jock the Singing Welder

Performed by one of our favorite singers, Sting, this song makes any welder confident and enthusiastic. It has an optimistic vibe that will get you going. The first verse of the song will immediately make you feel entertained. It goes like this:

Any shipyard man can sing when he works upon the hull,

Amongst the noise and the clamor that he all but disregards,

So he’ll sing to himself, and no one pays him any mind,

He’s just another crazy welder in the shipyards.

Are you just another crazy welder? Then be proud as you sing this song while welding!

Song #2: He’s a Welder

This is another song for another crazy day of welding. Composed by the Canadian, E. Frank Murphy, this song could probably be the anthem of welders. The song begins with “He used to be a pretty nice feller, but now, he’s a welder.” Any welder could relate to the lyrics of this song. Plus, the video’s entertaining!

Song #3: Welding Burns

Sang by Rod Picott, this country song might soften your stone heart. It’ll make you love your job even more and appreciate other welders. It’s a touching song about the hard work of welders. Warning: This can make you cry, so you probably need to prepare a tissue roll before you listen to it.

Song #4: Welding Man

welding man

Cody Cooke will make you emotional with his sincere song. It’s a song about a welder who needs to go on with a job that’s so difficult. I’m telling you, THIS is the story of the welder man.

Song #5: Welding Son of a Gun

Performed by Chuck Hawthorne, this song will make you appreciate how welding can be a job that heals. It’s a story about a gun who decided to become a welder. The song revolves around how welding makes him shine brighter than ever before.