Mellifluous Bow and Arrows in Music Videos


Feel the beat, follow the melody…Shoot your arrows, aim that melodious shot! To experience the magnificence of the sport, choose the best beginner recurve bow to have a refreshing start.

“On the way with bow and arrow,

Be on the hunt with bow and arrow

It’s a very different trip”

Sleepy Storm, Schiller, Jette Von Roth

Archery has really made a difference in the world of sports.  It creates interests in the hearts of people. The bow and arrow have been the companion of many. The sports keep them calm and peaceful. Learning more shooting tricks and the craft of perfect timing have created the patience in them.

Archery is an art. Music is an art. Both are sources of entertainment. Music brings pleasure. It is considered an effective medicine for the soul and body. Likewise, archer has smashing benefits for mental focus and physical health.

Follow your arrow and hit the target. Your commitment is seen in your accomplishments.  Each of us is unique. We have different preferences. In archery, choose the category that is best suited to your needs and capabilities. Just follow your arrow and enjoy the moment. Make a difference.

That is why, the bow and arrow achieved mellifluous in the music industry. The bow and arrow are embedded in the lyrics of songs.

Archery and music show connections in the life and expressions of man. Archers show their shooting skills for a purpose. While, musicians express themselves and talents in music. The parallel impressions are really fabulous.

Music improves one’s memory, focus and attention. Listening to music before the tournament keeps your relaxed and can ease out the tension in you. Music has a surprising effect for physical coordination.

The tremendous popularity of archery as a competitive sport and recreation has greatly inspired the music industry. Today, we can hear music containing the great metaphoric skills of the bow and arrow.

Archers feel the beat of inspiration these music videos bring. They hum with the accompaniment as they feel the beat.

Archery promotes great shooting actions while music brings soothing satisfaction to the soul. The two meet half-way and they can make a difference.

It’s Victory!

Listening to songs with bow-and –arrow preferences can take you anywhere. The music relaxes your senses, just like the way your bow creates your archery passion. Music can be your great companion in your archery sessions to evoke excitement. The upbeat songs fire your determination that makes you soar high and aim more.

Drawing your bow and aiming your arrow pattern with the symphony and keep the beat as it travels into the air and hit the target, bull’s eye.  The “thwack” is the melody you love to hear. Music of perfect choice has amazing power. Likewise, archery has smashing reliable effects. Whew! Just so perfect! Bow and arrow mellifluous a perfect combination.