Mood Music for a Good Hunt


Before anything else, check our AR-15 scope guide to give you a good time in the woods.  In the music world, the hunter is the musician and the rifle scope is the musical instrument that gives out the melodious beat.

“Music is a higher revelation
than all wisdom and philosophy.
Music is the electrical soil
in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”
~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~

Music is the perfect motivation of the soul. It captures the heart and elevates your existence.  We are all the same in music. It transcends all forms of human boundaries. We are indeed one in music. Let’s talk about country music to beef up your deer hunting fancies in the wilderness. Make up your great playlist as you step out into the woods.  Waiting for a good hunt and listening music through your headphones will intensify your hunting mood.

Music speaks of our best experiences. The songwriter himself is like a hunter who pursues his greatest passion for a heavenly satisfaction. Sing along and feel the beat as you listen to Josh Turner’s “Backwoods Boy”. Avid hunters can relate their wildest dreams in the music’s creative theme.

“Settled in, hiddin from the wind, waitin on the sun
You might end up being my supper if you get in the way of my gun
It’s so still I can hear the train from ten miles away
If I’m here eight hours from now it’ll be ok, yeah”

The song is actually describing the real scenario in the woods. The great excitement and thrill are backed up with the woods captivating environment. The wild game is just out there waiting for you clean shot. The good hunt is worth the waiting and finding.

The music industry caters our various passions. We may differ in our interests but we can always relate our life and existence to music. Hunting season songs ignite your hunting passion and make the cold night in the woods filled up with the amazing beat.

The imagery in songs gives meaning to your senses as if they were all real. Ted Nugent’s “Hibernation” is one of the great hunting songs which is a favorite of some hunters.

“The Great White Buffalo, 
comin’around to make a final stand.
Well,look out here he comes.
The great white buffalo,baby.
The Great White Buffalo….
Look out,here he comes.
He’s doin’all right.
Makin’everything all right. “


Aiming for a big game is made possible. The sudden adrenaline rush fuels up your being along with the stalking, setting, targeting, and shooting. The big game is impressive of its great power and strength.